SEX INN - The Location - Bahnhofsviertel - Frankfurt a.M.
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Welcome to SEX INN in Frankfurt/Main

We offer 41 rooms on 5 floors! Hygiene and a pleasant atmosphere are our top priority. You will find us in the train station district of Frankfurt, at Taunusstrasse 27.

We cannot give any information about prices, they will only be discussed with the ladies on site.

House ban for Sisters e.V.

Already today "Sex-Inn" announces that Sisters e.V. and all associations that are related to it will be granted a HOUSE BAN in the future! Anyone who describes brothel operators as "criminals", "human traffickers", "exploiters" and "thugs" has no place in our house.

We have always supported the work of these aid associations, but those who do not distance themselves from the public false statements made by Sisters e.V. unfortunately have to try elsewhere.

Rooms vacant - Phone 069 25 16 98

SEX INN - Taunusstr. 27

NV Hausvermietung GmbH
Taunusstr. 27
60329 Frankfurt a. M - Bahnhofsviertel
Telefon: +49 69 251698